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Life Insurance

There are a number of critical reasons to get life insurance: pay off debt, build cash value, College Planning, replace lost income, cover burial expenses, save for retirement, diversity investments, peace of mind. Protect your family. Get life insurance...because its not just for you, its for your family too! Our agents get to know you to find out what your specifics needs are so we can find the right products to meet your needs. Coverage also available for international clients.

International Medical Insurance

We are now able to provide major medical coverage to our clients worldwide coverage. With a variety of healthcare plans that cover insureds at various stages of their lives, whether they are hoping to start a family or have reached the golden age, VUMI’s innovative healthcare solutions offers coverage for every stage of your life – from welcoming a new addition to reaching the “golden years.” Our VIP services provide peace of mind, and the knowledge you’ll be protected anywhere, anytime.



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